Pedro Perez

February 29, 2008


Way back in my college days, the guy next door to me was an aspiring writer. He had an idea for a story called, “Pedro Perez and the Cosmic Taco Jockeys”. I always liked the sound of that…

The Comments

Doug Jones

ah… that name calls up visions of balloon girls, late nights at the Waffle House, and a stash of cash under your mattress….

Dennis Jones

…si, senior…

Jason Bourne

Nice. Like the smoke coming out. “Lock S-foils in attack position”


I really like this piece. Interesting to this amateur how you use reference and aren’t afraid to show it. Also that you drink your coffee black. Sensitive and strong. You’re so complex on many levels!

Dennis Jones

…yep, I’m probably the most sensitive hockey goon you’ll ever meet… on these experimental photoshop things I’m doing right now, I’m not all that interested in spending time developing brand new characters… I’m trying to get my painting chops down… on this one, I just opened up a Star Wars book, did a take on one of the flyers and moved directly on to the fun painting part…

Don Jones

I like those screaming, saturated colors contrasted off that night sky. Obviously from Pedro’s expression, he has accidently ran over something or someone… this is a recognizable Brother Jones reactionary look.

Terry Elliott

I was looking more at the different colors of exhaust. His expression says “I’m not sure about this E85 alternative fuel…”