WeaselBoy Guitar Finally Done

June 28, 2006


…the WeaselBoy Vintage Custom Deluxe…


…the WeaselBoy Summer Tour, July 2006…

This is the guitar I built… sorta. I began working on it back in January. Oh sure, the first part was easy, (taking a power saw to a thirty dollar pawn shop guitar), but then came the hard part… putting it all back together and rewiring it.

I finished all the rewiring back in March and then took it to a professional to fix all the rewiring that I had done since my rewiring didn’t seem to work. Who would have thought you actually needed to know something about electronics to be able to do electronics?

It took several months, but I finally got the WeaselBoy Vintage Custom Deluxe out of the shop and it’s one sweet sounding guitar.

(well, at least it’s a sounding guitar now)

The Comments

Doug Jones

Awesome ax you got there, mister GourdmanWeaselBoyDude! First guitar I believe I have ever seen with a tail. Saweeeeeeeet.

Don Jones

I bet Smoke on the Water never sounded so good. Glad to see Coca-Cola got behind the Weasel ‘06 Summer Tour.

Dennis Jones

…tour bus fires up in just a few minutes… hope the brothers can catch the show on our Missouri stop…

Don Jones

First stop… CRACKER BARREL!!!


Is a California tour through our great state’s In n Out burger joints next? One can only hope.

Doug Jones

WOW… two weeks without changing your page… a new BrotherJones record!!!

Dennis Jones

…man, I am having to pay the piper right now trying to catch up on work I put off in order to make the week and a half WeaselBoy Tour… it’s ten o’clock at night right now and I’m still working…

Doug Jones

yep… those tours are killers. I’ve been dragging around for two days now… need some energies. of course… deadlines are powerful motivators