New Sketchbook Stuff

June 10, 2005


I can fritter away a lot of time quickly with a pencil and a sheet of paper. I did this picture yesterday killing time at the dentist’s office while waiting for my son. I just posted eight new sketches from my drawing book. Nothing earth shaking here, just something new to look at.

The Comments

Doug Jones

drew something, you did.

Don Jones

Janson is demanding a print-out of this Yoda drawing… I must comply.


Awesome Dennis… maybe the hint of some faded colors… you could submit it to a fan art website. It is really good. FOWA: week of 4-10-05 Forget things sometimes I do. When no longer on the dark side I am, at Brother Jones website I am found.

Dennis Jones

Yoda talk is kinda fun… take a sentence… split it in two… put the first part at the end and presto chango you are talking Yodish… mmmm… end this comment now I must… mmmm…