Hey, It’s A New Post!

March 26, 2007


…wow …this is way cool…

It’s time for a new post… so here it is. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. People ask me, “Dennis… how are you able to continually post such high quality, interesting things on the internet? … your page is always so educational and inspirational”.

What can I say folks… it’s a gift.

The Comments

Don Maxwell

The essence of this post seems to signal that Dennis is suffering the after effects of Cabin Fever. Spring break along with March Madness have ran their course and now it is time for… well, April madness. It’s been a long winter in Indie for Dennis Davidson.


wow, You mean grabbing your digital camera and clicking the first thing you see is a gift? and, I’ve been trying so hard to find mine…where’s my camera?

Dennis Jones

…oh man… I shouldn’t be giving all my secrets away on the internet…

Dan Lietha

Actually I think you’ve exposed your mutant status as one of those gifted people on the show HEROES. Some people can fly, others go invisible or can heal from any wound. You, well, your gift is beyond any of those mutant gifts. Beware of Sylar!

Dennis Jones

…almost right Dan… actually, I’m a mutant X-Man… I am wearing my blue spandex super hero suit as we speak…

Doug Jones

I just KNOW these colors are a secret code… and I will be working night and day to crack this code. I just hope it doesn’t tell me to “Be sure to drink my Ovaltine”


I think it’s “Be Sure to NOT drink the water you clean your brushes in.”

Dennis Jones

…but the water I clean my brushes with turns the same color as the coffee I’m drinking… it all gets so confusing sometimes…

Dan Lietha

Thus explaining the origin of your mutant abilities.

Doug Jones

I think I drank some of that water… I’m seeing strange faces in odd places…

Don Jones

I’ve sent the above image to Chloe O’Brian, a senior analyst at CTU. I believe her experience at CTU as an Intelligence Agent and Internet Protocol Manager will enable her to crack this color scheme and provide advice on neutralizing the acid reflux of this gouache infested water. As you probably know she displays extraordinary mastery of computer hardware and software but has horrible social skills… just like us Jones brothers.


I’ve got no idea what this is…

Doug Jones

WOO! It’s the Middleaged Mutant Ninja Palette Man! where is his side kick… Donut boy?