The Wolves Are At The Door

December 7, 2005


The wolves are at the door here in Indiana. Well, ok, not wolves… coyotes.

One took a chunk out of our dogs leg a couple of months ago, but not to worry… it was nothing five hundred bucks couldn’t fix.

With this recent skiff of snow it is easy to see the tracks the coyotes leave when they are casing our house.

These photos show my investigative documentary reporting of the facts in this story.

(No coyotes were harmed in the reporting of this story)

(Any resemblance between the coyotes in this story and persons living or dead is purely coincidental)

The Comments

Don Jones

You need to ask Santa for a firearm this Christmas Den. Start packin’ some heat and those coyoteez will head for the hills. Plus, you and a sidearm could keep our chaotic family gatherings in line.

Dennis Jones

I guess I need to get that old flint lock muzzle loader I made cleaned up and ready for action…

Doug Jones

WOO! this was like watching a scary movie! When I got to the end, I nearly jumped outta my skin when I saw that wild maniac’s face… who IS that guy? No need to be alarmed, Den… the coyote is just looking for the roadrunner…. beep beep!

Don Jones

We got a whopping 3/4 of an inch last night! The traffic was at a stand still going to work this morning.

Dennis Jones

…our internet service has been on and off for the last two days now…

…we apparently received 8 inches of snow last night, but it doesn’t look like that much to me… it is really dry so it is all blown around and drifted in spots…

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