The Value Of Time

July 29, 2005


Sometimes you just have to stop, step away from the art disaster you are in the process of creating, forget about it, give it a little time, and then come back and try it again later.

This is an Indian from my sketch book that I really liked, so I painted it… but I just could not make it work. My first painted picture does not even look like an Indian. Nick called him Elvis. Sometimes paintings fall together for you, sometimes they dont. This one didn’t.

I had a little time late this afternoon and was flipping thru my watercolor sketch book when I came across this picture. I started to tear it out of the book because it is so embarrassing, but then thought, “I wonder if I can salvage this”. I scrubbed a bunch of it off, and worked some brighter colors into the background. I also widened the bridge of the nose and fixed a couple of other facial features.

When you are in the process of painting a disaster and have blown hours and hours into it, you are very hesitant to scrub away all those hours of work. But when you come back to it months later you dont remember all the time spent and can have more of a “go for it” attitude.

If you have the luxury of time, put away the problem painting and try it again later… much later.

The Comments

Don Jones

This is like an artistic make-over show Hey bus driver MOVE THAT GOUCHE!!!

Doug Jones

Good one, Don… LOL

Doug Jones

I think someone made this Indian laugh just seconds ago, and his milk ran out of his mouth…

Don Jones

Personally, I really liked the previous spiked hari doo. The new and improved higher contrast of feathers and background sings

Dennis Jones

Zowie… I am wiped out… I just got back from a Mtn. Grove road trip… 10 hours down on Sunday afternoon… 10 hours back on Tuesday… plus I developed some sort of ear/tooth infection deal that kept me awake and in pain ALL of Sunday night… I got no sleep at all… I went to a dentist that next morning and got an antibiotic and a pain killer… so I was pretty much in a fog the entire time I was there… also on the trip back home… and at the writing of this email… I better go on to bed…

kelly (one of Gary’s)

I viewed the sketch book a few days ago – really enjoyed george washington. What do you think of Abe Lincoln as a subject??

Dennis Jones

Lincoln was a bit of an odd looking character… so he is always a lot of fun to do… maybe I will take another crack at him… I will post it if I do… thanks for the note…

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