Hurricane Dennis

July 8, 2005


Yes, it is true that I played four seasons with the Midwest Hurricanes.

And, yes, it is true that we were a bit of a thuggish team… but it was because we were all old guys trying to compete with twenty year olds.

Our team motto was “age and treachery beat youth and talent every time”.

But I see no reason for all the current media attention being focused on me, Hurricane Dennis. If I offended anyone during my playing time with the Hurricanes, I’m sorry. That was a long time ago. Please accept my apologies and move on.

I am begging the media, please drop all this Hurricane Dennis business and move on to something more important…

…like the current bad weather that seems to be headed our way.

The Comments

Don Jones

That is one nice portrait… the essence of a hockey playin’ Hurricane thug.


Boy howdy. You look…uh…well…hmmm…how to say this nicely…I give up. Are you the reason for the current NHL strike? If so, would you please make things right so the kind-hearted folks in Nashville, Tennessee can enjoy ice hockey again? It’s the sport none of us understand but still enjoy watching. Well, Doug might understand seeing who his brother is.

Doug Jones

The name Midwest Hurricanes sounds like an Oxymoron to me, like… freezer burn… Dodge Ram… Old News… Civil War… pretty ugly…

Dennis Jones

…I don’t know about the Oxy part… but the Moron part describes the Midwest Hurricane Hockey Team pretty well…

Doug Jones

Brilliant Morons

Don Jones

Ray Barone to his brother… “you’re an idiot wrapped in a moron.”

Dennis Jones

…I like your web site, DJ… classy, nice iconic images, and loads quickly on my lightning fast dial up modem connection…


Thanks guys! It really mean a lot coming from you. Stop by and see us sometime. We nearly always have a pot of coffee on and today one of our designers brought donuts!! Dennis looks as if he could use a donut in this picture (my attempt to point the attention back to the OxycleanMoron Dennis “Tropical Storm” Jones).

Jones Journal Addict

Where is everyone?

Don Jones

You need to grab a shopping cart and head on over to the Dennis Jones Super Store


Dude, weren’t you in the movie Tron?

Don Jones

Wonder if Dennis wore this outfit to Romania?

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Freelance illustrator Dennis Jones can be contacted at THEDENNISJONES@GMAIL.COM

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